Saturday, September 17, 2011

kimyles @ 2years

happy 2nd year anniversary bhe :) i love you so much and i hope you will like this simple presentation as my gift for our anniversary. we may distance apart now, but one thing i can assure you bhe that you are the only man in my heart now and forever. i love you so much!

watch video here :)


Thursday, September 16, 2010

i miss you bhe :)

thank you very much bhe for finding ways to contact me here in the Philippines..
You will be my forever hubby...i love you much and i miss you so much!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

plants Vs Zombies

a game that makes me happy! babaw kaayu but now, i used to love this game Plants Vs my bf also love this game! this is one of our addiction and i loveeet!!!


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holiday bonding with my co tellers

With no plan at all, we’ve been to many different places around Davao-Gensan-Cotabato in two days time! Thank you so much for our new found friend/tourist guide/driver Mr. Arocha!

Meeting place in KIDAPAWAN Overland Terminal before lunch time
Boarded a bus bound for Davao and dropped off in DIGOS
Took lunch in Digos terminal before boarding a bus again bound for GENSAN
3:30pm arrived in Gensan, dropped off in Natasha Bldg. fronting Robinson’s Mall
After a couple of minutes, he arrived and first thing we did was to tour around the city: Pacquiao’s Mansion’s, Palengke, hospitals and banks around the downtown
4:30 Bought groceries and stuffs in KCC mall (what a thrilling experience in going up and down to their rooftop garage)
Bought fresh fruits in side walk vendors
Bought tequila in convenient store
5:30pm on the way to GUMASA, Sarangani Province
Bought rice and fish in Palengke, GLAN for dinner
6:00 pm checked-in at White Haven Resort
prepared dinner, took dinner, drink and drunk, picture picture and sleep very late
5:00 am woke up early and fixed things and stuffs used last night
6:00 am swimming, picture picture and storya storya (glenn: nkaadto na mo Lake sebu? all: WALA pa! Glenn: adto ta? all: SURE! haha on the spot naligo ug ilis dayun para naa pa time for Lake Sebu)
8:00 am checked out from the Resort
8:45 am arrived in Gensan downtown, ngpagasolina lang!
11:30 am lunch at Food Harbor in KORONADAL, South Cotabato
12:00 noon on the way to Lake Sebu Via MARBELBANGASURALLAH
1:00 pm Seven Falls in LAKE SEBU, 1st falls picture picture while waiting for the Zip Line to open –(Lingaw ang zipline diri, aside from trees and mountains you will see second, third, fourth and fifth falls in Lake Sebu plus the rainbow! whoah! had a nice experience with te Joan and Ailyn thanks so much again Glen for introducing to us this place si ate Buding dili gid mgsugot ah!)
2:00 pm on the way to PUNTA ISLA, Lake SEBU—last place and this officially ends the trip with KWATRO MARIAS!

From the bottom of our heart we would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH ERICGLEN for the nice trip and experience we had in those places with you. This happened in two days but the fun and experience will lasts a lifetime! Till the next holiday….hehe

Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

zebra labels

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